Spring Folio: a season of renewal

I’m so happy to offer this new study…     Spring Folio: a season of renewal   This seven-part study for the spring focuses on the theme of renewal and the topics of wisdom, listen, trust, embrace, beauty, compassion, and opportunity.   Each topic begins with Scripture and a devotional, followed by “Renewal in Process”Continue reading “Spring Folio: a season of renewal”

See, Hear, Share: Missions in the North

Read any travel magazines or literature and you’ll find listed the many advantages of traveling to new places. Lists will include benefits such as challenging oneself, learning about the world, expanding one’s perspective, building and strengthening relationships, and experiencing new opportunities.   But what if your travels were for expanding your Kingdom perspective?   WhatContinue reading “See, Hear, Share: Missions in the North”

A Few Words From Our Volunteers…

  This summer we had lots of volunteers in Alaska, helping SEND North.   Have you ever thought about volunteering for a week? Here’s what some of our volunteers from this year had to say . . .   In the tiny classic book, The Practice of The Presence of God by Brother Lawrence of theContinue reading “A Few Words From Our Volunteers…”

Called to Faithfully Serve

  How does one judge the “success” of a short-term mission trip?     Our Alaska teams were blessed with walking alongside and supporting missionary families who work in remote and difficult situations in North America.  One team, of which I was a part, wrote and hosted a Vacation Bible School – type program forContinue reading “Called to Faithfully Serve”

Great Alaska Sporting Clay Classic of SC

5th Annual GASCC of South Carolina Fri., April 13, 2018 The Clinton House Clinton, SC Five Year Anniversary! $5 Unlimited Mulligans Gun Raffle Listen for Steven’s interview and our GASCC radio spot on Greenville’s HIS Radio 89.3 Schedule for the Day 9:00 am Check-in and Breakfast 9:30 am Welcome/Safety Meeting/Group Photo 10:00am Shotgun Start 12:30pm  Lunch/Awards/Gun RaffleContinue reading “Great Alaska Sporting Clay Classic of SC”

The Extraordinary

  “Business! Mankind was my business. The common welfare was my business: charity, mercy, forbearance, and benevolence, were, all, my business.” ~ the Ghost of Jacob Marley, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens Stop for a Moment . . .   Buy gifts Pick out tree Decorate house Plan party Mail cards Planning and shoppingContinue reading “The Extraordinary”

Evidence Not Seen – A book review

Evidence Not Seen: A Woman’s Miraculous Faith in the Jungles of World War I A book review   “More than ten years ago I began to write the story of my experiences during World War II for Bruce and Brian, my sons. I wished them to know, if ever difficult circumstances came into their lives,Continue reading “Evidence Not Seen – A book review”

The Gift of Summer Camp in Alaska

It’s summer and kids across the US are gearing up for camp – even in Alaska! It’s an incredible thing for a remote village kid to leave his/her isolated and often spiritually dark village, get on a plane, and fly out to a week-long positive experience at camp: swimming and singing and sports and campfires.Continue reading “The Gift of Summer Camp in Alaska”

Our Mission Today . . . And Every Day

Our church recently adopted the slogan “Life is Mission!” I love this, because it speaks truth. If we follow Jesus’ example, our life should be missional every single day. What is it to live missionally? It’s really not that difficult. It’s simply this: sharing the love of Christ. Mission happens in our everyday coming andContinue reading “Our Mission Today . . . And Every Day”

Following in Faith- Part 2

Brenda became an honorary member of our family when we first met her in the summer of 2015. Following the Lord’s leading, she moved to a remote community in northwestern Alaska where she worked as a travel nurse. Part 1 of her story is here. This is Part 2 . . . 1.Briefly describe aContinue reading “Following in Faith- Part 2”

An Opportunity for You – RIGHT NOW

MKs (Missionary Kids): How you can be a significant part of their lives As parents, our first year on the mission field was tough . . . and for our kids it was even tougher. Our children left everything familiar to them and moved to a small, isolated community of strangers. And though we wereContinue reading “An Opportunity for You – RIGHT NOW”

Following in Faith-Part 1

Brenda became an honorary member of our family when we first met her in the summer of 2015. Following the Lord’s leading, she moved to a remote community in northwestern Alaska where she worked as a travel nurse. This is Part 1 of her story . . .   What first interested you in missionContinue reading “Following in Faith-Part 1”

A picture for your weekend

Alaska, 1938 Letter from Vincent James Joy, Pioneer Missionary to Alaska “Each Sunday forenoon I go across the Copper River to the natives on the other side and tell them the Story of Christ. The Copper is not frozen full length but every fifty yards or so there is open water, moving at the rate ofContinue reading “A picture for your weekend”