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The Arctic Travelogue is a place to learn about something bigger. Bigger than the confines of a comfortable life. Bigger than the borders of a reigned in imagination. Bigger than a simply bearable life.


Is your soul searching for more? There is an immense world waiting just beyond our gates, much of it hurting and in need of YOU, in need of what you have to offer. We want to provide ways within our piece of the world to move beyond the comfortableness that confines. We hope to encourage you learn about the arctic north – a place that is vast and beautiful and hurting.

Here’s a starting place. Welcome!

  • Are you just beginning to explore your gifts? Browse our blog to begin gathering ideas. What posts speak to you? Learn about the arctic north – its people and its needs. Matching your gifts and interests to possible opportunities is key. Use the Opportunities menu option to explore current possibilities.


  • If you are searching for tangible ways to best use your gifts for the glory of God, read through the posts tagged as Service and check out current opportunities using the Opportunities menu option.


  • If you’d like to connect with us about opportunities through SEND North, use the Connect menu option. We’d love to chat with you!


We’re ready to help in whatever way we can!

Steven and Natalie


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